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The FAF is pleased to announce that we will be launching a new Governmental Accounting Research System™ (GARS).  Please note that until the new GARS platform is launched, customers will not be able to make new purchases or initiate renewals of GARS, and administrators for ProView subscriptions will not be able to make any changes to their account, including adding or removing individual users from a subscription.  To ensure uninterrupted service for renewing subscribers, all subscriptions that are due to be renewed between now and September 30, 2022 will automatically be extended through September 30, 2022.

All current GARS subscribers will have access to GARS during this time, but certain Professional View functions (annotations, bookmarks, feedback, saved search, history, etc.) will not be available until the new GARS platform is live.  

We apologize for the suspension of service and inconvenience, and value you as a GASB stakeholder.  As such, we will also be extending all paid subscriptions for two additional months at no cost to current Professional View subscribers.  We will add those months on to the end of all existing subscriptions.

Annual subscription for single and multiple user configurations:                              Pricing Information

  • Content includes GASB Codification, Original Pronouncements, and Comprehensive Implementation Guide
  • Advanced navigation
  • Powerful search features including suggested terms, faceted search, ability to save searches, and more
  • Open multiple documents and navigate between them with ease
  • Personal annotations, allowing users to create one or more notes at multiple locations within documents
  • Cross references, allowing users to compare, link, and analyze the relationship between two documents
  • Bookmarks that can be added anywhere in a document for frequently accessed information
  • Ability to search all personal annotations
  • Archive feature with detailed differencing between versions
  • Ability to print documents and share content on social media sites.

Basic View — Free Access

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GARS Online